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Car Locksmith Services in East Bay Area, CA

Automotive lock and key mishaps make no exception and always strike at the least suitable time, not that there is a good time to have car key problem, but usually people are faced with such issues when least prepared. As always, the experts at Multi Locksmith’s automotive and vehicle department have you covered.

Our specialized range of car locksmith services is the most effective and affordable way to resolve a wide array of usual and unusual key and lock problems that may be plaguing your vehicle. Since repair and replacement of car keys and car locks is a strictly specific process that cannot be handled by just any person out there, we work with qualified and skilled technicians who have dealt effectively with a multitude of car key and lock situations, including emergencies.

Working with specially trained professionals allows for reduced service time, no margin for error and all the other benefits that come with professional expertise. As expected, our response teams will arrive to your location fully equipped with the necessary tools and materials so that the whole situation can be resolved right there and then. As always, we maintain our thirty minute response policy – vital for customers who are stranded and looking for the fastest possible way to rectify the problem. The car locksmith services we offer are available seven days a week.

Our auto locksmiths have the necessary expertise and skills to deal with technical or electronic car key and lock problems as well as different mechanical issues. Many of the common problems we resolve on a daily basis include, but are not limited to locked keys in carcar key replacementkey fob programmingignition key replacementslost car keys and many more. We also deal effectively with a range of additional car key and lock issues like trunk opening, key cutting, transponder key duplication, broken key extractions from locks and ignitions, fob button replacements etc.

Our selection of specialized car locksmith services is versatile and flexible enough to cover almost any situation you are faced with. Not only that, but Multi Locksmith is the quickest and most reliable auto locksmith you can turn to. We will not fuss around or waste time in chitchat, but get down to business and deal with your car key and lock problem immediately in an attentive and efficient fashion. If spares are required, customers can be rest assured we work with certified, high quality spare parts.

Locked Keys in Car

It can happen to anyone, so don't despair. We've got you covered!

Car Key Replacement

Old and damaged car keys can easily be replaced with brand new and shiny ones.

Transponder Key

Modern cars have transponders in their keys. These are programmable and fully replaceable.

Ignition Key

Your ignition key is faulty or you need a new one? We'll replicate it in no time.

Lost Car Keys

Lost your car keys and don't have a spare? Rest easy and call Multi Locksmith.

Key Fob Programming

We have the technical capacity and expertise to program, reset or reprogram any type of transponder car key for any make and model vehicle.

Car Door Lock Repair

Our technicians are highly trained and provided with the best equipment for any door lock problem.

Chip Key Activation

Are you having issues unlocking your car doors? Our East Bay car locksmiths specialize in chip key activation services from more than 15 years.

Rekeying a Car

When you need to rekey your car, you do have options, but Multi - Locksmiths have all the tools needed as well as the replacement parts and we bare not charging exorbitant prices.

Trunk Opening

When it’s emergency trunk opening or any locksmith concerns, you can trust us. We have the best people to work for your locksmith problems.

Multi Locksmith

Automotive Service Is On Its Way

Did you lock your keys in your car? Did you lose your car keys? What about the need for a transponder key replacement? Need one of those? For any of these needs as well as any other auto locksmith services, you should give Multi Car Locksmith a call! Our representatives are available to answer your call literally 7 days a week. When we receive your call, we’ll immediately send out a professional auto locksmith specialist. Because of our rapid response time, he or she should arrive within 30 minutes or less for any emergency job you call. Moreover, once that technician arrives, you can be confident that your locksmith issue will be quickly and efficiently resolved!

We offer rekey for lost car keys, locked door and car lockout, emergency locksmith services, if you have problems with transponder keys or chip key or switchblade keys we can help with those too. If you have a broken ignition key, or need an ignition replacement, our technicians are proficient at providing these services. We can also unlock car doors, open trunk and open car, provide lost car keys replacement, locked door and lock & key issues, chip key activation, transponder key programming, car key cutting and so much more! We believe you should save yourself time and money, and whenever you need a professional auto locksmith, give Multi Car Locksmith a call! All of our technicians are professional, many have years of experience, and all of them are ready to assist you with whatever auto locksmith issue you might be having.

Ignition Key Services in East Bay and San Rafael

The truth is, you will not travel very far if your ignition key isn’t working correctly. When that happens it takes a licensed technician from a recognized auto locksmith company to handle your problem. Multi Car Locksmith specializes in replicating ignition keys right then and there. Our technicians are some of the most qualified professionals in the auto locksmith trade, and we’ve got them working for you! Because of our extremely fast response time (arrival in 30 minutes or less) we’ve become recognized in the entire East Bay Area California as a leader in the locksmith industry. Moreover, you never have to worry about who is going to show up saying they want to help you out. With Multi Car Locksmith, you’ll know it’s us. Our very recognizable vans which carry only the most up-to-date equipment will show up and a technician wearing one of our uniforms will assist you then and there. Just give our customer care representatives and we’ll do our best to resolve your auto locksmith issue as fast as humanly possible. We’d like to recommend that you keep our number in a safe place. One of the best options is to just save our number right into your cell phone’s contact list! You never know when an emergency locksmith situation might come up, but when it does, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that you can contact us immediately. Moreover, when we receive your call, a highly qualified locksmith will be sent out to your location immediately. Don’t wait to get a quote. Contact us today and see why we are consistently rated among the top auto locksmith companies in East bay and San Rafael!