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  • Hyundai Car Locksmith Services in Bay Area California

    Hyundai Car Key Replacement

    We can program and cut replacement keys for your Hyundai even if you don’t have a single copy left. Whether it is a worn or damaged key, do not worry. At Multi Locksmiths we use state of the art computerized machines to cut new keys that match the manufacturer’s specifications.

    We all know that replacement keys can be very expensive, and this should not come as a surprise. Keys are your first line of defense to protect your vehicle from getting stolen. The good news is that a new set of keys can help you prevent vehicle theft. And you don’t have to order a replacement key from your dealership as our technicians will come to your location. Car dealerships operate to advertise and sell vehicles. They do not deal with key replacements on a daily basis and are sometimes slow to respond. In fact, they may just order a new set from a locksmith they work with. Contacting a Hyundai automotive locksmith yourself will save you a lot of time. Not only this but a locksmith will save you money as dealerships mark-up key replacements.

  • Hyundai Locksmith Services for Аll Hyundai Models

    Our high-security equipment allows us to work on most Hyundai models, including Hyundai Azera, Atos, Aslan, Aero City, Aero Town, Chorus, Celesta, and many others. We offer non-emergency and emergency services in East Bay Area, CA and will provide a competitive, fast, and unbeatable service. Multi Locksmiths specializes in Hyundai key fob programming, key origination and duplication, switch replacement and repair, and damage-free unlocking. We offer lock and key assistance across different key types, including custom flip, key fobs, and smart keys.

    Getting locked out or losing all key copies is a nightmare scenario for many people, especially for families with young children and those who live in remote locations. If you need a car to go to work, locking your keys in can be a major problem. While it is impossible to tell when you will need an emergency lockout service, we are just a call away to help you reenter your Hyundai vehicle.  

  • Hyundai Locksmith Solutions

    We offer a range of specialist Hyundai key fob replacement, programming, and key cutting services for both older and newer models. Our technicians can help with key extraction and repair, ignition repair, reflashing, duplication, and lock repair. At Multi Locksmiths we have the experience and knowledge to program most key varieties, including chip, transponder, smart, and traditional keys. We can deal with any key problem quickly and efficiently, including:

    • Duplicate electronic keys
    • Extract broken keys
    • Hyundai immobilizer reflashing
    • Program high security keys
    • Replace keyless entry remote controls
    • Rekey ignition
    • Repair ignition
    • Duplicate chips
    • Program transponder keys
    • Honda lost car key replacement
    • Trunk lockout
    • Car lockout

    Multi Locksmiths can help you deal with key-related emergencies, be it broken or missing keys, ignition switch repair, programming, or anything else.

  • Multi Locksmith Hyundai Services Include:

    • Hyundai Key Replacement
    • Hyundai Key Fob Battery Replacement
    • Making a new Hyundai key
    • Making a duplicate Hyundai key
    • Extracting Hyundai key from ignition
    • Replacing Hyundai ignition
    • Emergency auto locksmith services for all Hyundai vehicles
    • Plus much more Hyundai key services!
  • Hyundai Car Key History

    While older models came with standard mechanical keys that were easy to duplicate, newer vehicles feature a remote continental system and a 3-button remote. The smart key allows drivers to open and close the tailgate and lock and unlock doors.

    Mechanical keys are also available if the smart key gets damaged. Hyundai is also in the process of developing a brand new identification and security feature to enable drivers to start and unlock the vehicle through their mobile phone. Companies such as Green Car and Socar have already introduced a functionality that enables users to lock and unlock doors from their mobile phones. Hyundai, however, is the first to introduce a functionality that allows drivers to start the engine.