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Multi Locksmith

Multi-Locksmith's Certificates & Licences

When you are in need of a professional and reliable locksmith that can actually get the job done right, without wasting time or making a nuisance of themselves, by all means have your request handled by a trusted and accredited service provider such as Multi Locksmith.

As expected of a professional service provider, Multi Locksmith has all the necessary accreditation to operate in the industry, and provide the extensive range of locksmith services we have on offer.

We are a fully licensed locksmith, and have all the required licensing to provide professional grade residentialcommercial and automotive locksmith services. Also, the company has state-wide contractor licensing for the state of California, as well as all the applicable regional licenses for the areas and districts we cover, including an official City of Oakland Certificate.

Naturally, we are fully accredited to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which makes us a trusted and reliable licensed locksmith, able to handle effectively pretty much all types of professional locksmith services.

We also hold a valid, official locksmith certificate, outlining our extensive technical expertise thus asserting our professionalism and commitment to high quality service provision and exceptional results.

The company is fully insured and has comprehensive insurance coverage available to all private and commercial customers.

Multi Locksmith

Our advice as a professional and licensed locksmith is to stay away from key companies of dubious credibility and track record, as this may be the source of unnecessary hassles and further issues stemming from incompetent staff or lack of technical capacity and expertise.

In many cases, unlicensed locksmiths use and work with lower quality products, spares and materials which is a real problem, especially if you are paying good money to have the job done right or when you have waited for an hour out in the cold or heat for a ‘quick’ response.

Furthermore, unregulated locksmiths cannot guarantee lasting repairs or use of the appropriate spares thus voiding any applicable warranties for products and parts.

Each of our staff is an expert in their respective field and has all the necessary accreditation required for working with us. Employing specially qualified, highly skilled lock technicians will cancel out the margin for error, and ensure a reliable and efficient service that is worth your time and money.

Whichever way you look at it a fully licensed, insured and registered service provider like Multi Locksmith is the solution to your key problem whatever it may be.