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Broken Key Extraction

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Broken Key Extraction Services in Bay Area California

The lost art of extracting a broken key from a lock is one of the most important and unique skills that ‘Multi Locksmith’ field mobile technician will be able to complete if the situation allows extraction. 

A lot like many other sides of the Locksmith trade here at Multi Locksmith, we will try as always as hard as we can to get that broken part out of the lock without damaging the lock.  And we mention that because it can be frustrating to try and do it yourself and fail over and over again. It is annoying when you know that you are really close and yet you don’t seem to get it done. In most cases, if the locksmith succeeds with the extracting it makes the job a lot faster easier and cheaper.

At Multi Locksmith we will try as much as we can until our technicians are certain that it is impossible to extract the given key. Only then we’ll continue with troubleshooting.

On some of the Multi Locksmith jobs it took over an hour until our technicians were able to extract the broken key without damaging the lock. 

The tricky part is that the lock can not be removed without extracting the broken key first. Many times, the position of the lock and the locksmith technician’s hands are what actually makes the difference. Sometimes it takes a very special tweaking, hand movements and tools to get a hold of the tip of the broken key and extract it.

Multi Locksmith

How To Extract a Broken Key from a Lock

If you broke a key inside a locks cylinder, is that the smaller the part left in your hand – the better because it means that the broken piece that still stands inside the lock is large and this really makes the job easier.

If just the tip of the key brakes in the lock you’d face a lot harder and difficult extraction job and the reason for that is that the technician will have to use special hand tools that allow penetrating through the tumblers. He’ll then have to grab the tip of the broken key and try to extract it.

Well now it sounds easy but in the field this can take long minutes and sometimes it is just turns into an impossible task to complete. Eventually in such cases the lock will need to be damaged and then replaced. 

If when the lock starts spinning and the key snaps you are about to face both good and bad news: the good news is that you will be able to complete the action of opening or locking the door (only if the key start to spin), the bad news is that it is now a lot harder to extract the key from the lock. 

To some things up it is always good to be responsive with your locks and when the cylinder starts acting strange that’s when you need to call Multi Locksmith Lock repair service. We will fix it before it’s too late. Also make sure to look up the key for weak spots or small cracks and call Multi Locksmith to duplicate that key on a new blank if you find it suspicious.

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