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Professional Lock Re-keying in Bay Area California

Re-keying a lock is one of the most standard jobs in the Locksmith trade.  At Multi Locksmith we perform the lock re-key service on a daily basis. 

Actually, the service is exactly what it sounds… Just changing the key, while keeping the same lock – thus the approach is much cheaper than changing the entire hardware.

When Multi Locksmith gets a call to re-key a lock it doesn’t matter if it is a very simple lock or the most complicated one, our technician will hand the customer a brand-new key, which will become the only key that will be able to operate the lock. The old key will never work again and will become obsolete. The face of the lock, its color, its exterior look, its interior and the back-set (bolt or latch) will remain the same and will not be changed. 

The only things that get to change inside the lock are the pin tumblers that will be fitted to a brand-new key. The work involved in such cases will consist in removing the lock from the door and taking it apart in order to get to the tumblers and replace them.

The re-key service offered by Multi Locksmith applies to almost all types of locks including gates, garage doors,, Cars, ignitions, file cabinets electronics locks and more.

Multi Locksmith

What Is Lock Re-keying

Most customers who call and say that they want to change a lock actually really need to rekey the lock and get brand new keys given that the rest of the parts of the lock are working just fine.

MUL-T-LOCK owners: your great high security locking hardware also can be rekeyed. when you call the Multi Locksmith office, please have your current keys and card code at hand as the dispatch will need  to gather some info in order to set up your rekey service for the MUL-T-LOCK’S you own.

When the Multi Locksmiths technician finishes the job, he will provide the customers with a new set of interactive or interactive+ (depending on the keyway) key and a new code card that the customer could use for extra keys down the road. It will also give you a peace of mind that you rely on the best protection available as it comes to a mechanic locking solution.  

There are much more complicated locks out there depending on the manufacturer’s lock designs. Some locks are more user-friendly and are actually re-keyable without having to remove the lock and take it apart. However, for a professional approach that saves you both time and efforts, you’d better call a professional locksmith team like ours.

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