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The Multi locksmith lockout service is an essential locksmith service and we are proud to be able to offer it to our local community for many years now and many years to come.  It goes without saying that a lockout situation is a very annoying thing that can happen accidentally to anybody. Our loyal customers on a daily basis when they get accidentally locked out.  The Multi locksmith lockout service team will always try to be there as soon as possible and to help solve the issue as smoothly in no time. 

From experience, we can say that sometimes handling a lockout can be very easy and fast but in other cases, it could be harder and slower.

On most of the Lockouts situations the customer hasn’t planned on having this lockout situation and we at Multi Locksmith understand that perfectly, so we always try to handle the issue professionally and expect that the situation will be easy to solve.

The Multi locksmith lockout service is offered by trained licensed technicians. We will always do our best to open the locked door damage free and cost-efficient to help our customers get back to their daily routine as fast as possible. 

Multi Locksmith is servicing our local community since 2004 and many of Multi Locksmiths customers are using a high security locking hardware they bought directly from Multi Locksmith in previous years (MUL-T-LOCK). To those customers we suggest keeping the key code at hand at all times so if they face a lockout they can provide us with the code and the technician from Multi Locksmith lockout service will be able to arrive at their site with the new key cut by code and hand it to them in no time. We suggest this mostly due to the fact that the MUL-T-LOCK’S are pick-resistant and drill-resistant, and it is almost impossible to gain access without damaging them when those locks are installed.        

Multi Locksmith

It is important to remember that the best way in to a locked home is through the door that got locked the customer out. But the locksmith technician will sometimes prefer to choose another door or a different way in to the house if he thinks it will be faster and/or easier in terms of locking hardware to handle.  

We at Multi Locksmith is recommending anyone to establish a relationship with a good local mobile locksmith company. Multi Locksmith emergency phone number for lockouts is (510) 254-4070. It would be wise to save the number in your phone before you actually need the service. Please remember to request the lockout service technician only in case of an emergency. And of course, a good piece of advice based on years of locksmith experience:  keep a spare key of the home or house in the car – that will probably solve the problem altogether 🙂 

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