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Rekey for Lost Car Keys

When you lose your car keys, you have a few options: you can call for a professional service to cut you new keys, you can call your dealer and have them order you keys, or you can call Our East Bay car locksmiths and we’ll come help you re-key your car. Obviously not every lost car key situation requires a complete rekeying; in many situations we can help you simply cut new keys on the spot so that you can get back on the road. But if your keys are stolen or you’ve lost a key that had your name on it, you do not want to simply replace the lost keys. The purpose of car locks is to protect your property from theft or damage. Stolen and lost keys mean that your keys may be floating out in the world, and whoever gets those keys can easily break into your car. That’s why a car rekey job is the best solution to your problem.

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Use a Certified Locksmith

Though you could attempt to rekey your car on your own, as professional locksmiths we highly advise to call an expert in the field. Rekeying requires removing quite a few auto parts and then hooking up electrically the small mechanisms back within the car. If you do it wrong, this can result in more problems than it is worth. For a professional, even emergency car rekeying is a simple process. With the right tools and the training we can begin by inspecting your car and checking for flaws in the locking mechanism, and we’ll follow that with the proper replacement procedures that are guaranteed to work. There’s no reason to further engrave your situation with basic DIY strivings.

Why Choose East Bay Car Locksmiths?

When you need to rekey your car, you do have options. Dealerships can, of course, help you rekey your car, but dealerships are well-known for charging exorbitant prices for these services as though they have a monopoly upon key replacement for a car. Our professionally trained technicians at MultiLocksmiths have all the tools needed as well as the replacement parts. With experience and training, the job is not a complex one, which means we can save you money and ensure that the job is done right! Additionally, we’ll respond within 30 minutes to your call no matter where you are in the East Bay area! When you need emergency car locks rekeyed, get the best help and pay the best prices as well.

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