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Emergency Lockout Situation

How to Act in an Emergency Lockout Situation?

Have you ever found yourself suddenly locked out of your car? Getting locked out of your vehicle is not only aggravating, it can be dangerous at night.
You could have difficulties unlocking the door or have your key break off inside the door handle. Regardless of what the cause of the lockout might be, you must always keep calm. Make sure you have the number of a trusted locksmith stored in your cell phone.
Once you’ve left your information with them, a technician should be arriving shortly. The average time estimation should be no more than 40 minutes, depending on traffic. If you’re near a service station or a place with bright lights, such as a supermarket, you should patiently wait there until the emergency locksmith technician arrives.
Leave your vehicle in a safe spot if it’s on a busy highway, such as the shoulder section. Make sure you’re not obstructing ongoing traffic in any sort of way. Drivers should see a red triangle light in which you can place about 50 feet or so away from the direction of the trunk area. This way, drivers have enough time to react before they see your vehicle. You may use a flare to indicate that your vehicle is motionless, but be very careful when setting the flare off. You need to light the flare away from your face and body to ensure safety at all times. Once the flare is lit, you can walk towards a nearby service station or supermarket. If you’re stuck in an area with no service station, just sit tight and remain patient near your vehicle. It’s might important that you have a trusted locksmith company that will be there on time.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to place your life in danger by standing in the middle of a busy highway to flag down a passing vehicle for help. You could risk your life by standing near a fast moving highway, especially at night, where visibility is completely limited. It’s also important to have an emergency kit inside your vehicle at all times. Remember to always keep your cool no matter how bad the situation might be. Staying safe is always the key!

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