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We at Multi locksmith have years of experience working with and on commercial environment. It is obvious that office space whether large or small is exploited at a fast pace and throughout long working hours.

Car Lockout SituationMost offices have a lot more locks, cylinders and keys than a person will imagine in general. On average there are between 3 and 6 locks with their respective set of keys dedicated per cubicle. On the other hand, there are dozens and sometimes hundreds of office doors on average per given office space. To add to that we could also include the separate break rooms and restrooms.

Most of the locks mentioned above will get locked at the end of their use.

How many times the key will be forgotten inside??

Due to the fast pace environment of offices in general and the logical attempt to save time on dealing with locks for office doors and cabinets many rely on automatic locks. They eliminate the need to use a key to manually lock the door drawer or cabinet when you shut it.

However, those mechanisms can cause lots of lockout situations. On one hand everything needs to be lock and secured given the sensitivity of the materials stored, on the other often people are so busy that they get absent-minded and forget their keys.

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How to Prevent Office Lockouts?

We at Multi Locksmith are proud to assist you in such critical situations. Our locksmith technicians will arrive in a timely manner to help you solve every lockout problem you may face. A trained technician can pick open most office furniture or use special tools to open office doors, restrooms and break rooms without causing any damage to the locks.

In order to prevent similar problems in the future, we at Multi Locksmith advise our clients to have copies to all keys and save those in a designated cabinet for extra organization and security.

In some offices furniture locks have codes printed on the face side of the lock. You could easily read the code over the phone to our team and we can provide you with a brand-new key cut by this particular code.

Another approach towards preventing lockouts that we recommend is using a master system, that is using a system of multiple locks keyed alike or having one responsible person for keeping all the keys in his office 🙂

Currently we at Multi Locksmith are accepting new commercial accounts and we offer special rates for commercial businesses. 

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