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We Are Experts in Lock Repair!

At Multi Locksmith the knowledge of repairing a lock is considered one of the most important things of the locksmith trade. When we offer the Multi Locksmith Lock Repair service we put emphasis on especially this particular skill.

As it comes to the Multi Locksmith Lock Repair service we believe that a very big part of the interaction between the field Technician and the customer is based on trust. 

When the Multi Locksmith technician arrives at your site on a ‘Lock change’ call, the first thing he’ll ask you is ‘why do you wish to change the lock?’  If you state that the lock was working just fine until recently and nothing major happened to it, then he’ll consider if maybe the lock just needs some minor adjustments, lubrication or to replacement of a worn out tumbler. Most often in such cases the lock doesn’t need to be replaced entirely.

With locks any minor issue can cause the lock to stop working but on a number of occasions the issue could be fixed with easy and fast service if the locksmith chooses to do so.

Multi Locksmith

Why Choose Home Lock Repair Instead of Lock Replacement

We at Multi Locksmith will try to repair the lock before replacing it. Our locksmiths always try to improvise in the field if needed and if it will save a lot to the customer we will put emphasis on the repair before replacing the lock.

For example, there are locks out there that are a part of a large network of locks from the same brand and series. So if 1 lock malfunctions and needs replacement it causes the entire system to malfunction and you end up obliged to replace the entire system, which is a very expensive project… So our Multi Locksmith technicians will investigate (sometimes directly with the manufacturer) for the correct solution and, when need to, also improvise and do all they can to repair this 1 lock that causes the problem, without replacing entirely any lock. 

The same goes to those very old and complicated ‘mortise’ locks with a large mechanism and big and massive exterior handles/trim. Most of them are discontinued by the manufacturer and the replacement of those locks will end up in replacing the entire door and can cause a lot of unwanted headaches to our clients. 

We at Multi Locksmith are extremely proud with the ability to repair most car door locks and ignition locks. This service of our locksmith portfolio solves big problems practically in no time and it is relatively inexpensive if we compare it to car dealers that in most cases will never repair a thing in the car without replacing the parts alltogether and serve the bill accordingly. 

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