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Multi Locksmith is a professional service provider with expertise spanning over different locksmith services, one of which is our specialized real estate locksmith service. The service was devised and implemented in order to provide real estate agents with an efficient, reliable and manageable solution to keeping foreclosure properties safe and secured, without even agents having to leave the office. So how does the locksmith for realtors service work?

If you are an estate agent, or a representative of such, authorized to engage and secure this particular service, what you need to do is provide us with detailed information regarding the property in question. If unsure which details are required, our attentive customer consultants will walk you through the requirements and how to provide them to us. Most of the time, we advise customers to use email or fax as this is the quickest and most reliable way to provide the details, and also receive confirmation that we got the message.

Once we have received and reviewed the necessary property information, the next step in our locksmith for realtors service is to dispatch a specially qualified and trained locksmith to the designated address. Our technician will arrive on site as soon as physically possible.  After ensuring that everything is in the same state as indicated by the information provided by the estate agents, the locksmith will proceed to unlocking the door by removing the current lock or key combination in a delicate, unobtrusive fashion. Since this tricky process will be conducted by a specially qualified professional, there will be no risk of damage or other such issues. All work will be done clean and neat.

Multi Locksmith

Next up, our technician will leave the new set of keys in a lock-box, the key to the lock box will be provided to the real estate agents, or an authorized representative. As expected of a professional grade locksmith for real estate agents service, our operative will take photos of the property showing successfully completed work. The pictures will be provided to real estate agents along with the combination to the lock box.

Multi Locksmith provides this specialized and clever service in order to cover the requirements of professional real estate agencies and allow for efficient and reliable listing and management of foreclosure properties. Although we rarely face real estate locksmith service emergencies, we have made the service available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Smart and convenient locksmith solutions are our line of expertise.

Multi Locksmith

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