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professional locksmith services

Multi Locksmith has the technical capacity, expertise and equipment to handle effectively a wide range of professional locksmith services of different complexity and technicality. To be able to do this, we work with highly skilled, fully qualified technicians who know their work inside out. This means no margin for error as well as quick and efficient resolution of most types of key or lock problems.

Emergency Locksmith

Our emergency locksmith services are quite preferred by our clients, so we are especially diligent when offering those. We know that being stranded outside (or inside) your home, office or car is frustrating, even discouraging at times. In light of this, we maintain an emergency locksmith service that will have your problem solved in the shortest time possible, and with the fewest hassles. We have exceptionally fast response times and our emergency locksmith crews will arrive fully equipped for the task at hand.

Residential Locksmith

We also handle pretty much all types of residential locksmith services you can throw at us. From changing a faulty lock to extracting a snapped key from a properly working one, and all in between – you can rely on us to have the problem fixed as soon as possible, without any additional costs or extra fuss. With Multi Locksmith, access to the comfort of your home will always be guaranteed.

Commercial Locksmith

The company also offers a number of commercial locksmith services of different complexity. Our locksmith teams have the skills and expertise to repair, recondition or replace a wide range of specialized locking systems, usually used on most commercial properties. If necessary we will visit you outside business hours so that your working process is not interrupted on the next day: less down time for your business – fewer lost profits

Car Locksmith

Our range of specialized automotive locksmith services will get you out of any situation. Whether the remote and car keys have malfunctioned, or the lock has jammed unexpectedly, or you have simply locked yourself out of your car, you can trust Multi Locksmith to handle the situation swiftly and at affordabe rates.

For Realtors

Multi Locksmith also offers specialized real estate locksmith services of the highest quality and most tempting price. Relators can rely on us for efficient and affordable service, seven days a week. The process for securing our specialized realtor locksmith service is quick and easy. Contact us today and take full control of all real estates you manage.

Multi Locksmith

24/7 Emergency Auto Locksmith Services

East Bay Car Locksmiths

Are you fed up waiting for that emergency auto locksmith to arrive? That’s never the case with our team of MultiLocksmiths. We work 24/7, and will be by your side rather quickly. We are a professional and reliable car locksmith company that operates throughout the East Bay area. We’re known for our quick response time, and expert services. It’s never any fun getting stuck on the road, but it’s always reassuring to know that someone will be there for you, day or night, 24/7. The road is a very dangerous place, and we only start working, as soon as you’re out of harm’s way. We never take any chances when it comes to your safety. You’re always in good hands with MultiLocksmiths.

We work with the most qualified auto locksmiths that stay on call 24/7, in case of any emergencies. While most other locksmith companies use forceful tactics and procedures to pry open a stubborn door lock or trunk, we only use the safest methods possible. We know our way around a car, and we also know how to safely solve the problem, so that you never have to worry about causing any further damage to your vehicle. We’ve got the right tools and the right machinery to handle any type of locked-out situation. Whether you need a new transponder chip key or an emergency trunk opening, we’ll be there for you. Each highly skilled locksmith will gladly provide you with full identification and company badge, so please never hesitate to ask. We also use GPS technology to quickly pinpoint your precise location on the road, so that you’re never stuck in any bad situation.

Multi Locksmith

Our East Bay Auto Locksmith solutions include

24/7 Emergency Auto Locksmith Services
Key Cutting & Repair
Unlock Car Doors
Chip Key Programming
Ignition Replacement Keys
Expert Lock Picking Solutions

Why Choose Us?

We are renowned for our elite level of customer support. As a matter of fact, we always enjoy bragging about our excellent client testimonials. We’re a friendly and reliable car locksmith company that has been helping satisfied clients throughout the East Bay area, for many years.