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The need to obtain a replacement key to your vehicle can arise at any moment, and can be caused by a multitude of reasons. On certain occasions keys get lost, on others they get stolen, broken, bent, twisted and what not. In many cases though, getting to a spare key or obtaining a replacement one either takes too long or costs too much, in certain situations there is simply no way to get another key full stop.

Multi Locksmith will once again come to the rescue with our specialized car key replacement service. Replacement of lost or broken car keys is one of our most important automotive locksmith solutions. What’s best about our professional car key replacement service is affordability and quick response.

First of all we will quote you a fair price for the key you wish to obtain a replacement for. We have no intention of overcharging customers in any way as this would be detrimental to our business. We are quite proficient in cutting and forging many different types of keys for both early and late model vehicles, including European and Japanese makes. Naturally, we have the technical capacity to do so quickly and without any errors along the way.

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Key cases (the button part), key blanks (the metal bit) and all other pieces of the replacement key set will be made using certified, high quality spare parts and the best materials available in the industry. Since your spare keys will be made using professional grade equipment there shouldn’t be any issues or flaws with the replacements.

Replacement keys are made by specially qualified locksmiths who have the necessary practical skills and technical expertise to provide you with a perfectly functioning copy of the original key at a fraction of the cost you would have paid at a dealership for example.

People don’t plan to need a car key replacementMulti Locksmith though is prepared for all situations thus we maintain a punctual and reliable round the clock service coverage. This means we are able to resolve the situation at any time of day or night. We also maintain a thirty minute response time so you can expect our diligent and attentive locksmith teams to be with you shortly.

In order to resolve the situation as soon as possible and be sure to prepare the right car key replacement for you, we will need some information regarding the vehicle at the time of contacting us.

Car Key Replacement Specialists in East Bay Area

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Have you ever had a simply outrageous dollar amount quoted to have a car key replacement made? Did you give a locksmith company or dealership a call and then felt your blood pressure rising when you heard how much it was going to cost?

Well, so have we. That’s why Multi Car Locksmith believes in fair and honest quotes when it comes to having a car key replacement done. At Multi Car Locksmith, we place the emphasis on providing you with a car key replacement that suits your precise car type. We have both the tools as well as the experts to get the job done right the very first time!

From the moment we take your call, we’ll do our utmost to have one of our professional technicians arrive at your location as fast as possible. Because of our desire to respond to your call as quickly as we can, the technicians actually arrive within 30 minutes on any emergency call!

One of our specialists will meet you anywhere within the Oakland area at any time of day or night. Because we operate 7 days a week, we’re able to accommodate your car key replacement needs whenever they arise. You should know that we operate all week, every week and that includes holidays! When you need help, we’re there to assist.

We are proud of our other car locksmith expert solutions for:

When we show up, we get to work right away. We don’t waste your time. The truth is, it’s part of our goals to make sure that when you have need of a car key replacement, you aren’t kept waiting.

We use only the very best technology to replace your car keys while you wait. We always carry the best equipment to make sure that we can replace your keys whether they’ve been stolen, broken or you’ve simply lost them. Our knowledgeable, highly experienced technicians are able to make new keys for your vehicle no matter what type of car you happen to own.

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What Other Services Do You Offer?

Multi Car Locksmith offers much more than just car key replacement. In fact, we offer emergency locksmith services like: emergency door unlocking, car key duplication of any models, locked out solutions, professional lock picking, and of course, car key replacement. We have expert locksmiths available 24-hours a day ready to render assistance. That means when you need us the most, we’re there for you.
Give us a call now to discuss your car key replacement needs with us. We’ll be pleased to send a technician out to your location right away!

Emergency Locksmith Services

Multi Car Locksmith has a great reputation in the East Bay area. Just one reason, we believe, is due to the superior, 24-hour emergency locksmith services we offer. Our team of experts deliver professional lock picking services, emergency car locksmith services, house lockout solutions, and car key replacement for both residential as well as commercial areas.

Our company is second to none when it comes to providing car key replacement services or other emergency locksmith services. That’s true throughout the whole East Bay area. We can have a technician out to your location in 30 minutes or less. Put us to the test. You’ll be happy you did so!

When we receive your call, we’ll provide you with a fair and honest quote. What are you waiting for!