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Lost Car Keys?

Losing your car keys is one of the most frustrating experiences you can go through. Usually when people lose their car keys they worry about getting to and from work – this is a big problem. Also what happens if the keys are found by the wrong person – sense of insecurity, and fear of vehicle being stolen means extra stress.

Indeed losing your set of car keys is bad news, but the above scenarios can be easily avoided by a timely phone call to Multi Locksmith, where you can secure a quick, reliable and affordable lost car keys no spare service.

When you have lost car keys no spare is the other most frustrating thing. Many people have never really thought about the possibility of losing their car keys thus they never bothered to make a spare set of keys. At Multi Locksmith we know this, and we make sure to provide customers with punctual and cost-effective replacement or duplication key service that will save a ton of unnecessary hassles and further issues.

We have the technical capacity and expertise to prepare the replacement or duplicate set of keys on site. Our service vans are the next best thing to a specialized locksmith workshop which means we will expertly have your new key ready in a matter of minutes, not days. The duplication process i.e. the cutting of a new key will be done by a fully qualified auto locksmith. There will be no chance of error or rejection of the replacement key, and that means you will be on your way sooner, and with money to spare.

Our locksmith assistance is more affordable, faster and more reliable than any other car locksmith option you have. Our expertise and professionalism are backed up by super quick response times – we will be with you within thirty minutes. Also, we will not charge you the steep prices that specialized auto dealerships do – cost efficiency is one of our essential business policies.

When you call Multi Locksmith, just say the word and we will be on our way because we know that lost car keys no spare is a pickle of a situation, and we want to get you out of it as soon as possible with the least amount of fuss and cost.

Please provide sufficient information to our customer consultants at the time of securing your lost car keys service as we need to know the model, make and year of your vehicle.

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Car Key Replacement & Duplication

Lost car keys? It doesn’t matter if you lost them at work or at a friend’s house, the bottom line is that you don’t want to be stuck outside your car. It’s a really aggravating and annoying feeling, but it can get worse if you’re stuck in some remote area at night. That’s why we work 24/7 at Multi Car Locksmith. We work the most qualified auto locksmiths that are spread out through the Oakland area. We always put your safety before anything else. You’re never kept waiting long either. Our speedy arrival time is second to none, which is why, our satisfied clients are glad to choose us again!

Losing your car keys is bad enough, but it can be extremely dangerous if they land in the wrong person’s hand. Keys can easily be duplicated, which is why, you can’t afford to take that kind of a chance. Our skillful technicians will create a brand new key for you, regardless of car model or make. Our vans come fully equipped with the proper equipment and the most sophisticated technology. It takes years of training to accurately duplicate each unique key, as the teeth and grooves are always different. There is one thing that always remains the same, and it’s our quick and efficient technique of getting you that new key. We always carry our badges and company ID with us at all times, so please never hesitate to ask. You’re never alone on the road with Multi Car Locksmith!

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Why Choose Us?

Your safety is very important to us, and we go to great lengths to ensure it at all times. We’ve also taken the liberty to save you the time, money and aggravation of going to a local car dealership. We’ll come directly to your location, and provide you with the best quality car key services, at the most affordable rates. Make sure to save our number, in case of an emergency. Don’t stand outside your vehicle for another second, give us a call today!

We’ve been around for quite a while. The reason why we’ve been around for so long is that we always get things done right! You’re always receiving the best quality services at East Bay Multi Car Locksmith. Our prices are also very reasonable, and all work is done on the spot.

Car keys are extremely easy to lose, and it happens to folks everyday. Our responsibility is to make sure that you’re never left waiting for long. We work with the most qualified locksmiths that have plenty of experience behind them. All you have to do is get in touch with our friendly support team, and give them your details. Once you’ve given them your information, a reliable technician will be on the way. We will also notify you as soon as the technician is on the way, so you can feel more relaxed. Whether you need a brand new set of car keys or an emergency door opening, we’ll be able to help you out. We’ll make sure you get back to your destination right away!