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  • Mazda Car Keys and Locksmit Services

    Mazda Car Key Replacement

    If you have a key emergency, you surely do not want to make things worse by picking the wrong auto locksmith. Making a bad decision can turn your key problem into a disaster of major proportions. And while a key emergency can cause inconvenience and stress, picking a good locksmith will help you solve all of your duplication and replacement needs.

    At Multi Locksmiths we have earned our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy mobile locksmith in East Bay Area. Our technicians service older, luxury, and new Mazda vehicles and use advanced equipment that allows them to take any type of work.

  • Mazda Locksmith

    Whatever Mazda model, type of key, or problem you may have, we use the latest tools and technology to take care of your needs. We can cut and program keys for most models, including Mazda Tribute, Rx-8, Miata, CX-9, B-4000, B-2300, and others.

    While car locks have become more complex nowadays, a professional auto locksmith can unlock a car door without damaging your vehicle. Any time you face a lockout, we will help you get the job done.

    And we cover everything, from Mazda trunk opening and extracting jammed keys to cutting chip keys, making duplicates, and more. Our experienced locksmiths offer the full array of automotive services, including Mazda key fob battery replacement, ignition key replacement, auto lock picking, key programming, car lockouts, and more. Whether it is upgrades, repairs, or duplicates that you need, we have experience with different keys, locks, and security features for most Mazda models.

  • Multi Locksmith Mazda Services Include

    • Making new Mazda key
    • Providing duplicate Mazda key
    • Extraction of Mazda key from ignition
    • Mazda ignition replacement
    • Mazda unlock services
    • Emergency Mazda locksmith solutions
    • Mazda Key Battery Replacement
    • Mazda Key Fob Programming
    • Mazda Car Key Replacement
  • Mazda Car Key History

    Mazda has been producing sports, mid-size, compact, and subcompact vehicles for the Japanese and international markets since the 1960s. Older models came with standard mechanical keys while newer models feature immobilizer systems and remote and transponder keys.

    Released in 2004, Mazda 3 comes with three types of remote keys and one transponder key. Newer versions (2014 – 2018) feature a remote key of the push to start or fob variety that cannot be duplicated but need to be programmed with the help of a special machine. Mazda 3 w/Prox is a type of key used for newer models (2010 – 2016). If you have a 2013 Mazda 3 w/Prox, there are two options to get a new set.

    One is to clone a new key and in this case, the vehicle does not have to be physically available. If you have a working key, we will use a special machine to create a duplicate of your Mazda transponder key. A second option is to program a new key when the vehicle is present. We can come to your location to help you with this.

    Newer models come with an advanced keyless entry system, which is available on CX-5, Mazda 6, and other models. The system features request switches found at the trunk, passengers’, and driver’s doors. You just push them to unlock and gain entry while the key is with you.