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  • Mercedes Benz Car Locksmith Services in Bay Area California

    Mercedes benz car keys

    Mercedes Car Key Replacement

    At Multi Locksmiths we can duplicate and make transponder and non-transponder keys and remotes for almost any Mercedes model. Our combination of affordable prices and superb quality locksmith services makes us the best choice in East Bay Area. If you lost your keys or are locked out and are desperate for a reliable and reasonably priced locksmith, we can offer immediate assistance to get into your vehicle.

  • Mercedes Locksmith

    Mercedes no longer offers replacement sets for models released before 2000. Owners of older vehicles may turn to a dealer but many dealerships do not keep codes and have discontinued keys for older models. If you have lost all of your Mercedes keys or your last copy gets locked inside your car, a Mercedes automotive locksmith can make a new set of keys in no time. At Multi Locksmith we have the confidence that we can program and cut keys and will get the job done right the first time. We can make duplicates and program keys for most Mercedes models, including Mercedes-Benz GLK Class, Mercedes E Classe, Mercedes Benc GLS Class, Benz C Class, Mercedes S Class, Mercedes ML etc.

    If you just found out that your Mercedes keys are missing, you are probably worried that someone snatched them. There is a good reason to worry as stolen vehicles have become a common problem, especially when it comes to newer models and luxury vehicles. The good news is that a professional locksmith has the skills and experience to deprogram keys to prevent thieves from starting up the car. At Multi Locksmiths we will delete all programmed copies by using diagnostic equipment and will program new keys to start up the vehicle. The locks can be changed, if necessary, so that mechanical keys can no longer be used to lock and unlock doors. We also offer help with Mercedes key fob programming, ignition repairs, and duplicating and replacing of transponder and regula

    r keys. With extensive experience with Mercedes locks and keys, we can duplicate and program computer chip, laser, and VATS keys for most models on the market. We are licensed, reputable, and mobile and offer upfront pricing. Whether you need to unlock your trunk or car door, activate a chip, or replace the ignition, you can contact us anytime to help you solve your key-related problems. 

  • Mercedes Locksmith Solutions

    We take pride in outperforming the standards of the locksmith industry and offer the full suite of key replacement solutions, including:

    • Mercedes ignition replacement and repair
    • Broken and damaged key extraction
    • Mercedes key fob battery replacement
    • Duplicate and make high security keys
    • Program transponder chips for Mercedes
    • Rekeying
    • Emergency car unlocking
    • Replace damaged Mercedes locks

    We have the latest computer equipment and technology to make and program new key copies and will have your Mercedes keys cloned in a matter of minutes. Whether you have high security or double-sided keys that need to be duplicated, Multi Locksmiths is a mobile, reliable Mercedes automotive locksmith.

  • Multi Locksmith Mercedes Benz Services Include:

    • Making New Mercedes Benz Keys
    • Providing Duplicate Mercedes Benz Keys
    • Extraction of Mercedes Benz Key From Ignition
    • Mercedes Benz Ignition Replacement
    • Mercedes Benz Unlock Services
    • 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Solutions for Mercedes Benz
    • Mercedes Benz Key Cutting
    • Mercedes Benz Transponder Key Programming (All Models)
  • Mercedes Car Key History

    It was only in 1998 when Mercedes released the first model that uses smart keys (S-Class). The smart key technology was introduced under the trade name Keyless Go. Models that come with keys without a remote control include Mercedes-Benz Vito, Viano, Vaneo, V-klasse, S-klasse, R-klasse, M-klasse, and others.

    Mercedes was one of the first automobile manufacturers to release models with smart keys and actually coined the term. Newer models are equipped with an infrared key that unlocks the door while in your purse or pocket. New vehicles feature a remote system that transmits infrared- and radio-frequency signals for improved safety and security.