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Lexus Car Key Replacement

If you are locked out, lost all of your copies, or your key got damaged, we can create Lexus keys for you from scratch. We offer unmatched locksmith services to residential, business, and institutional customers in East Bay Area. Whether it is Lexus lost car key replacement or fob replacement, our technicians have the skills and expertise to program and originate keys for most Lexus models.

Multi Locksmith

Lexus Locksmith Solutions

Multi Locksmiths offers a mobile service to provide vehicle owners with new keys and fix any problems that they may have. We know how frustrating it can be to find out that your keys are missing, especially if you have a hospital or dentist’s appointment, are already late for work, or have to pick up children from school. There is no need to panic. We offer the full suite of Lexus automotive locksmith solutions, including:

Whether you need a Lexus car key made or your key fob needs to be reprogrammed, our auto technicians offer professional locksmith services at significantly lower costs than dealers.

Lexus Locksmith Services for All Lexus Makes

We offer professional on-demand and emergency locksmith services for most Lexus models, including Lexus RX350, Lexus IS250, Lexus RX300,Lexus HS 250h, Lexus IS 200t, Lexus IS 220d, Lexus CT 200h, Lexus ES 250, and others. Whenever you need a locksmith near you, we can help with Lexus car key cutting, key fob replacement, lockouts, and anything else. If your door lock is damaged or broken and you cannot enter your vehicle, just call us and we will replace or repair the faulty lock. We can help with other emergencies as well. If your key is stuck in the ignition, we will fix or replace the ignition quickly and at a reasonable price.

Multi Locksmith

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Lexus Car Key History

Lexus 250 was released in 1990 and comes with a non-transponder key that can be cut by a professional locksmith in just an hour. Lexus CS300 is also an older model and a grand tourer that was introduced by the Toyota Motor Corporation in 1991. The model was updated in 2005 and sold in Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America. This vehicle comes with two types of transponder keys and one non-transponder key, depending on the year of release.

Transponder keys were introduced in 2008 and require programming while non-transponder keys can be cut by a locksmith. Lexus GS300 is an executive vehicle that was first introduced in 1993 and comes with a remote key fob, transponder chip, and non-transponder key, depending on the year of production. Vehicles produced between 2005 and 2008 feature a remote key that can be cut and programmed by a professional Lexus automotive locksmith.

Lexus GX460 is a luxury SUV and a newer model sold in Asia, Europe, and North America. Released in 2008, this mid-size vehicle comes with a remote key that requires programming by a locksmith. Lexus HS250h is a compact sedan and a luxury vehicle introduced in 2010. This model also features a remote key which is a push and start key. A locksmith can program the remote to the vehicle’s computer. Lexus NX200 is a luxury crossover and a newer model that was released in late 2014. This four-door SUV is fitted with advanced features such as a lane departure alert and advanced voice command and comes with a remote key fob. Lexus models produced after 2004 come with a push to start or remote key that requires programming.