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Expert Nissan Car Locksmiths in East Bay CA

Nissan Car Key Replacement

As a one-stop shop for automotive services and security solutions, Multi Locksmiths will come to your location for onsite programming and replacement. We have advanced mobile equipment to handle any problem, whether it is worn or broken keys or damaged remote key fobs. Replacing Nissan lost car keys can be very expensive because high tech keys are based on advanced technology. Many dealerships charge for programming on top of the cost of the key fob. What you can do instead is call a Nissan car key locksmith to save valuable time and money.

Multi Locksmith

Nissan Locksmith Solutions

At Multi Locksmiths we can handle most emergency locksmith situations and will unlock your vehicle in a matter of minutes. We are experienced and fully equipped to help you handle your car key problem, including:

Whether you need to get a key code or a new casting, buttons, or blade for your Nissan car keys, we’ve got you covered. We offer Nissan car key cutting and programming services for remote controls, transponder keys, chips, laser cuts, and transponder antennas. Whatever the type of key that you lost, we can make a copy to match the lock of your vehicle.

Nissan Locksmith

Whether you need Nissan key fob battery replacement, laser key cutting, or smart key programming, Multi Locksmiths has the equipment and experience to solve any problem and ensure that your keys function properly. We can help with transponder chips, keyless-go key systems, and standard keys and feature a mobile service to save you a trip to the dealership. A mobile service can save a lot of time if you are locked out, especially if your family is a one-car family. We can help with proximity, remote, and mechanical keys for different Nissan models, including:

Whether you own a vehicle from the Nissan Premium Factory Catalogue or a mainstream vehicle, our experienced technicians offer car key cutting and programming for the majority of Nissan models sold in the U.S.

Multi Locksmith

Multi Locksmith Nissan services include

Nissan Car Key History

As a veteran automotive manufacturer, Nissan has produced a wide range of fleet, sports, and mainstream vehicles since the 1950s. Car key solutions have also changed throughout the years, from mechanical keys to proximity solutions.

Mechanical keys were replaced by transponder chip technology in 1997 which made vehicles harder to break into and steal. Many Nissan owners had a single key copy because of the high cost of spares. In 2007, Nissan introduced intelligent keys, the main types being push to start and twist to start. A move toward proximity solutions, early models came with a twist knob ignition, and drivers had to twist the knob. Newer models feature push to start systems whereby pressing a button starts up the engine. Intelligent keys feature new functionalities such as lockout protection, hands-free lock and unlock function, and remote start feature.

Some vehicles feature key systems that require a somehow different approach. A unique PIN number is required for Nissan X-trail (2005 and 2006 models). 1990 – 2000 Nissan Pathfinder and 1999 Nissan Maxima require a special diagnostics cable. Nissan GT-R comes with a special dimple key.

As a professional Nissan car key locksmith, we can program and cut keys for most models, whether you need lock replacement or duplicate services.