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Peterbilt Truck Locksmith Services

Peterbilt Repair, Installation and General Locksmith Services

A metal beast of formidable size and impressive raw power – even a Peterbilt truck remains useless without keys… there’s nothing more embarrassing than standing beside your Peterbilt, hands frantically searching your pants pockets for the misplaced keys, praying with all your might that you suddenly grow telekinetic powers, release the lock and turn over the engine, once again taking comfort in its roar. However, as surely as politicians can’t be trusted to actually deliver on all their promises, so will a locked Peterbilt remain adamantly inaccessible without its keys.

Should you get locked out of your Peterbilt, lose its keys or otherwise find yourself in a situation when you can’t get in – East Bay Multiloksmiths is what you need! Our team of reliable and efficient technicians will bring the solution to your doorstep! No towing required, almost no waiting necessary. Whatever’s the problem – our technicians will take care of it. Extracting your jammed keys from the ignition, replacing lost keys, picking your Peterbilt lock and much more – our crews are up to the challenge!

Multi Locksmith

Why Pick Multi-Locksmith for Your Truck?

We understand cars, keys and whatever’s in between. East Bay MultiLocksmiths’ professional crew are comprised of vastly experienced, qualified and highly trained technicians that offer a wide range of emergency auto locksmith solutions:

24/7 availability

no matter what time of day you’re caught out of your Peterbilt or what day it is, be it a Saturday, Hanukah, Thanks Giving or Saint Patrick’s Day, we’re here! Just contact our call center and we’ll immediately be on our way to your aid!

Arrival within 30 minutes

there’s no doubt the situation you’re in causes you great inconvenience – that’s why we’ll always be there within 30 minutes or less!

Unrivaled service

providing top-notch service simply runs in our technicians’ veins. Their professionalism, exhaustive knowledge and proficiency will provide you with the best customer experience possible.

100% Satisfaction

with our company’s experts – we can absolutely guarantee your satisfaction. Quick response and arrival and professional service will get you into your Peterbilt in no time!

A part of Oakland

We are an integral part of East Bay and San Rafael community. As part of the community we thrive on giving back and offering our services.

Multi Locksmith

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