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  • “Multi Locksmith really saved my day (actually night!) last week when my fiance and I locked ourselves outside of our car at a gas station in Berkeley. It was one of those stupid things — he left the keys in the car and went into the gas station and I didn’t know he left the keys so I locked the doors before going to the bathroom… I guess we are lucky someone local recommended Multi Locksmith, since they showed up in about 10 minutes and managed to resolve our situation in about 5 minutes more. I didn’t think it would be easy to pry open the door of our Toyota Land-cruiser, but the technician was very professional and did it quickly without causing any damage. And the best thing — the price was not bad at all, much less than we expected!”

    Shona Greenberg

  •  "Many thanks for the fast service. Thanks to your locksmith, I was only locked out of my car for half an hour."

    Sue K.

  •  "I recommend this locksmith company without reservation. Their key cutting and duplication service is amazingly affordable."

    Tammy S.


  •  "Please send the two locksmiths you sent me the other day my warmest regards. The lock to my front gate has been working perfectly since they fixed it."

    Amy C.


  •  "Multi car Locksmith is the best company I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I’ll definitely be using you guys again. Thank you very much."


  • "It was because of your terrific service that I made it to an important meeting last week. I must have searched for my lost car keys for an hour before deciding to call you. I was shocked by how quickly your locksmith unlocked the car, and by how quickly he cut me a fresh set of keys. Many thanks to you and your team!"


  • "I was really impressed by how quickly your locksmith extracted my ignition key, which I had damaged by trying to pull it out of the switch. I had pretty much resigned myself to having to buy a new one, but he assured me that he’d be able to fix the existing key. Please send him my thanks."


  • "Fast response time, affordable rates, and highly professional service. I’ve used Multi Car Locksmith’s services on at least six occasions, most recently for a key replacement service. I wouldn’t even think of calling another company."


  • "Terrific work, guys! Your locksmith re-keyed my front door lock and ignition switch without once trying to persuade me to pay for unnecessary work. I really do appreciate the professionalism and honesty."


  • "Had it not been for your unbelievably quick response time, I would have spent another few hours staring at my stuck ignition key. Your locksmith arrived in less than 20 minutes and extracted the high-security key without damaging or scratching the switch. Top-notch service!"


  • "Please let [insert name of locksmith] know that it was because of his quick lockout service that I was able to make it to my daughter’s recital in time. He was courteous and understanding, and he got me back into my car in no time at all!"


  • "This company’s response time is incredible. I couldn’t believe how quickly your locksmith got to me last night, when my ignition key got stuck in the switch. He was courteous and professional, and he got the job done in minutes. Please send him my thanks."


  • "A+ Service! Having experienced one too many locksmith emergencies, I can say that this is one of the best car locksmith companies in Oakland. They replaced all of my Audi’s keys for a fraction of the price the dealership asked for."


  • "It was a very hot July day when I tried to get inside my pickup truck. I couldn’t get the door handle to open. I didn’t feel like busting the window to get back inside, so I decided to call Multi Car Locksmith. The technician arrived within 30 minutes or so, and he helped get me back inside. I was seriously impressed with the awesome level of service. Thanks guys, you rock!"


  •  "After buying a used car last month, my husband insisted that we re-key all of its locks. We must have called a dozen locksmith companies, all of whom quoted outrageous prices, before finding Multi Car Locksmith. They did a terrific job on our locks, and for a price we could easily for into our budget."


  •  "If it wasn’t for the 24/7 emergency services, I would’ve been stranded on the road until the next morning. Luckily, I was able to contact Multi Locksmith, and within minutes, they arrived to help. I can’t say enough good things about you."

    Fred K


  • "These guys really do place your safety before anything else. I was very impressed with the quality of care I received from the friendly technician. He safeguarded me from ongoing traffic on a busy highway. You just can’t find professionals like Multi Car Locksmith out there!"


  •  "Trusted and Reliable Locksmith Services. It’s always refreshing to know that there are reliable professionals working 24/7. I’m so glad my cousin referred me over to you. I will now refer you over to my friends and family!"

    Emily M

  •  "Lost Car Keys - I thought I would be stuck in the office parking lot for hours, when I left my keys inside my desk drawer. I was relieved that I managed to store your number on my contact list. The technician was at the parking lot in no time. Can’t ask for anything more!"

    Richard L.

  • "When I needed a new transponder key replacement made, I checked out a few different places. However, I knew I needed a company that could handle making a key replacement for my car's brand. Multi Car Locksmith was able to do the job, and I was happy with the result."

    Howard L.

  • "I knew that having a transponder key reprogrammed is not the kind of job for just any locksmith company. I wasn't even sure I would find a company that could do it in Oakland without going to the dealership. However, one of my buddies recommended Multi Car Locksmith and so I went with them. They handled everything in a very professional manner, and it didn't cost me as much as the dealership!"

    Mark M

  •  "I actually called the dealership and was astounded at what they were going to charge me to have my transponder key replaced. I called some locksmith companies after that and the one that gave the best value for the price ended up being Multi Car Locksmith."

    Susan G

  •  “To whom it may concern:
    I have been using Noam as my locksmith for over a year and a half and have been very pleased with his timely response and his great work! As a
    Realtor, it is often difficult to find reasonable and reliable people to
    work with, but I strongly recommend Noam and Multi Locksmith.”

    Peter A Dickinson, Realtor

  • "Superb service, guys. I was sure that I’d have to break the bank for a complete re-keying service, but you guys quoted a great price. I particularly appreciate how quickly you got the job done and how quickly you cut me a brand-new set of keys."

    Gary S