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BMW Car Key Replacement in East Bay Area CA

Multi- locksmith can cut and program new BMW keys even if you’ve lost all your BMW key copies! We will come to your location and will provide you with your new BMW key: you no longer need to wait until a new BMW car key is sent from the dealership. 

BMW is a veteran car manufacturer that just like the most other car manufacturers used mechanical, electromechanical and electronic (smart) solutions over the years. Those included multiple key blanks, key ways, locks and cylinders, transponder systems and state of the art electronics and smart keys/prox as a part of the security systems used on BMW products.

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BMW Locksmith Solutions by Multi Locksmiths

Multi Locksmith is proud to provide BMW locksmith services for almost all types of keys and key-related problems that you might face on a daily basis as a BMW owner, including:

When a BMW owner doesn’t know where he’s left his last set of car keys, he tends to ask himself the following question: “I lost my BMW key. How much is a BMW key replacement going to cost me?” He already knows that he has gotten himself into quite a situation, because given that the BMW car is expensive, a BMW key replacement service should be pricey too. But at Multi-Locksmith we do everything we can to lower the customer expenses and wait time. Our BMW locksmith and key service is affordable and offered in a timely manner.

BMW Car Key History

Since BMW launched their production line until around 1995 the car keys they used were 100% mechanical. So basically, if someone got the lock to turn there would be no other layer of security to protect the door from opening, the ignition from starting and the car from being clear for driving.  That wouldn’t offer much security to the car owner because ‘the bad guys’ could easily use a pick-set to pick open the locks and steal the car. Being professional locksmiths, we know well how to pick locks to help our clients gain control over their vehicles. Thus, believe us when we say that the vehicles using mechanical car keys don’t offer much challenge to the common car thief. To add to that, stealing a car with mechanical key could be a very quiet process for that matter.

 At the late 80’s and the beginning of the 90’s BMW introduced a new key offering a new security level that was called ‘High-security 4-Track external’ (HU58 or S7BW). The high security measures involve producing a key blank that uses different and yet another dimension engraving patterns that make the locks a lot more sophisticated and much harder to pick-open and service as compared to the ones designed for the older car keys.  

 Around 1995 BMW introduced a transponder system for the keys called EWS (Elektronische Wegfahr Sperrethat is also used by Range Rover, Land Rover Mini Cooper and more.

At the beginning the EWS (1 and 2) systems used the HU58 key-way and later around the beginning of the new millennium BMW changed the key to a simpler version of high-security key that had ‘only’ 2 tracks (HU92) instead of 4. This new key was integrated with EWS3 EWS4 and EWS4+, which means that it was more sophisticated and harder to remanufacture.

It goes without saying that Multi-Locksmith BMW car key services involve making and programming all types of EWS keys right on thespot in the field as a part of our mobile service and it typically takes 1-2 hours of work.

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BMW Locksmith

You are probably asking yourself why choose the simpler version of the key? Well, at that time there was a peak in using electronic security devices (transponder/EWS), so, practically, it was very hard to steal a car. You see, a simple turn of the key could not start the engine, there were more layers of security added to the mechanical car key and therefore the key could have been downgraded to a simpler key that is easier and cheaper to manufacture.

Around 2005 the EWS transponder system no longer met the expectations of BMW engineering team so they started another system to replace it and called it: ‘CAS’ (Car Access System).  As you’ve probably guesses there are CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+ and CAS4 versions of ’CAS’ systems. 

For the first few years the CAS system used a ceramic transponder chip inside the key just like the EWS transponder chip. Later on, the car manufacturers started using a push button in order to start the car (PUSH TO START/PTS from 2005 onward) and this was the end of the mechanical ignition and the mechanical keys that started the car.

Bimmers with ‘PTS’ use CAS2 systems and higher (except for BMW 7series 2002-2008 that comes with PTS with CAS1 or 2 system).

As we’ve mentioned above no BMW ever has keyed ignition, the only mechanical key that is still in use is the one designed to open the door in a dead battery situation or to lock the trunk manually. This key is called E.key (Emergency key) and it is usually slide in to the prox remote.  

The BMW mobile locksmith service of Multi Locksmith includes making and programming BMW keys and prox (PTS) up to CAS4 (2010~).

In addition to the EWS system all of the mechanical BMW car keys have another component within the fob remote control. It is essential to know that Multi Locksmith can make remotes and fobs for most of those cars just as well.

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Our BMW Locksmith Key and Lock Services Support the Following BMW Series

2004- 2011 BMW 1 Series2004- 2011 BMW 1 Series1995 – 2010 BMW 5 Series 1995 – 2010 BMW 5 Series1995 – 2008 BMW 7 Series
2003 – 2010 BMW X31999 – 2013 BMW X5 2008 - 2013 BMW X61996 – 2002 BMW Z3 Coupe2002 – 2010 BMW Z4 Coupe